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Andrew Hill Consulting offers programs specifically designed to meet the needs of our clients. Your goals may be to enhance individual leadership skills through the team process, develop a more effective team, or create an environment that promotes a culture of continuous improvement.

Experiential initiatives provide the medium used to examine the realities of group functioning and to present analogies and metaphors of a team's life. By working through these initiative activities, participants start the process of working through the implications that these results suggest.

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We help to create more productive and effective individuals and teams through collaboration strategies and norms. Participants develop a greater awareness of team dynamics, sharpen problem solving skills, and deepen understanding of their strengths, abilities and weaknesses.

Team members have a shared experience, a shared commitment, and a shared understanding that this is the beginning of a continuous process that requires ongoing attention and support. They learn that each member's role and contributions are integral to the overall success of the
group and organization.

Key Benefits

bltknot2.gif (1345 bytes)Provides a safe and fun program for any group to explore it's team dynamics

bltknot2.gif (1345 bytes)Increases communication and trust within a group

bltknot2.gif (1345 bytes)Breaks through some of the typical barriers in other types of programming efforts


Exploring leadership

fall.jpg (10149 bytes)Making the most of your education. No longer does a degree ensure you will find employment after graduation. Employers are looking for more – far more. What are you doing to secure your future?

This seminar will focus on developing the leadership skills that you already have. Participants will engage in experiential-based activities to explore their own leadership styles.

Experiential Education uses activities, humor, play, and facilitated discussion to build metaphors, reveal our misperceptions, expand our knowledge, build trust with others, and test our communication.

Learn more about yourself, your fellow students, and how you can impact your campus and community. Maximize your abilities to become an effective campus leader – the person your future employer is looking for.

This eight hour seminar will be led by Andrew Hill.  Over the past three years has visited nearly fifty universities providing leadership and motivational seminars. Andrew worked at Montana State University as the Coordinator for Adventure Education. He was the director of the Challenge Ropes Course and facilitated learning opportunities for business, educational and not-for-profit agencies. A cornerstone for his learning and teaching style is having fun. We can learn more in an hour of play than a day-time of talk.

Don’t miss this opportunity. Shake of those blues and don’t ever say again, "there’s nothing to do!"


Andrew served as the coordinator of Adventure Education at Montana State University in Bozeman, MT.  In this role he directed the Challenge Ropes course and a First-Year wilderness Orientation program called Expeditions MSU.  Andrew Worked with Greek systems, Athletic teams, Residence life teams, junior high classes, corporate groups, non for profit groups.  His training style and sense of humor are always welcomed.  He has assisted schools in developing first year student experiences and developing their adventure education components.   Andrew has also provided Keynote and conference presentations on this topic.