"Everyone who witnesses your testimony, including myself, will take it with them wherever they go in life, whether they realize it now or not.   It's just one of those things that "sticks." I know that it will forever remain in my mind and in my heart. I wish you the best of luck in life and thank you for your time and effort."

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Alcoholiday has been performed at nearly 100 colleges and Universities.  The program has been featured at The U.S. Department of Education's National Meeting on Alcohol and Drug Prevention as the Opening Keynote Presentation for the Student Tract.

Alcoholiday has also been performed for closing keynotes at the NCAA Sponsored APPLE Conference in San Diego and the BACCHUS/GAMMA Regional Peer Education Conference in Bozeman, MT.

An ideal program for Student Athletes and Greeks.  It is a regular occurrence that Andy walks onto stage to an upset audience that does not want to be there.   Within an hour, most have laughed, thought, maybe even cried, and always happy they came.  Often enough, the audience responds with a standing ovation.




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"We recently had the opportunity to attend Andy Hill's workshop entitled "Alcoholiday" at the 1996 National Conference for Violence and Drug Prevention in Park City, Utah. This workshop had a lasting impact on us and portrayed a powerful message that we will not forget. This program was presented in a way where it touched all our senses and emotions through his music, attire, and words. The story that he told was very educational as well as inspirational. We hope to have the opportunity to enjoy this program again and highly recommend this presentation to all those who work with violence and drug prevention programs"

Connie Kitchens, Coordinator Amy Grubbs, Asst. Coordinator
Alcohol & Drug Education Utah Valley State College

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