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The complexities of coalition development require flexibility, frank communication, the ability to leave egos at home and the necessity of creating solid foundations upon which relationships can grow, last and remain fruitful.

This workshop helps coalitions explore how to help individual members leverage their contributions and apply their expertise while concentrating on the common goals of the team.

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Intact work teams will focus on setting ground rules and crystallizing norms to promote clear communication, develop trust, enhance morale and focus on synergy.


Experiential initiativeswill be used to illuminate existing team behaviors and co-create desired ones. This session is intended for new teams, existing teams with history, teams in crisis or teams at the top!


bltknot4.gif (1417 bytes)Collaborative Potential

Our model assumes that every person on the team has leadership potential. The discovery of under-utilized leadership capacities and resources within a team is a common experience on the course. This implies that every team has a collaborative potential that when amplified by synergy can have significant effects on productivity,quality and innovation.

bltknot4.gif (1417 bytes)Team Development

Different stages of team development call for different programs. Our methodology is flexible and adaptable, allowing the group to understand its present stage and to begin to move forward from the place it finds itself. High performing teams find the seminar valuable for process improvement - a pit stop in which to re-group after a period of task intensive work.

bltknot4.gif (1417 bytes)Synergy

Synergy is a real phenomenon with far ranging effects. Even a short program can provide groups with a tangible, visceral experience of what synergy looks and feels like. This experience motivates team members to be more assertive and collaborative to achieve this experience in the work place.

bltknot4.gif (1417 bytes)Risk=Opportunity

Extending out of the comfort zone and into the world of "I don't know" is essential to learning, but mistakes and even failure are inevitable outcomes. "Mistakes" during this seminar will not cost the company anything, and the learning from these mistakes will be processed to understand what will support or discourage risk taking and empowerment.

bltknot4.gif (1417 bytes)Unique and Open-Ended

An open ended, flexible and adaptable process allows each program to be co-designed with the team's needs and objectives in mind. Being open ended means that there is no one right way to resolve the tension created by the gap between the current state and the desired state. TLR program designers draw from over a hundred challenge initiatives to create a program that will place the focus where it needs to be.

bltknot4.gif (1417 bytes)Climate Change

The issues impairing a team's progress are often beneath the surface and won't emerge until the internal climate improves. The support extended to a team-mate who trusts others
enough to take a physical risk can provide a meaningful metaphor for taking other risks that must be taken if the internal climate is to change. These breakthroughs are common in TLR programs.

bltknot4.gif (1417 bytes)Getting Specific

Communication is a big word that covers a lot of territory. Like the word "respect," it means different things to different people. TLR programs allow groups to break these global
terms down into specific experiential behaviors that can be focused upon for meaningful change.

bltknot4.gif (1417 bytes)Buy-In=Ownership

Decision making that invites broad participation results in strong ownership and responsibility. TLR program participants use the ladder of inference and mental models research to experience the importance of collaboration and buy in to organizational success.

bltknot4.gif (1417 bytes)Spirit of Achievement
Celebration and recognition are given a lot of lip service because everyone recognizes the momentum that a team gains when it celebrates the milestones enroute to big achievements. The shared experience of celebrating victories helps teams develop the spirit of a winning organization.