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"This workshop -- content, participants, and especially the presenter -- made me feel and think.  It was helpful for my immediate, and future work.  Andy - I can't even tell you how helpful this - your workshop -- was to me personally and professionally.  Your work is


When introducing a customer to your company president, whom should you introduce first?

DO you know the answer to this question?  Are you absolutly positve? are you aware that you could lose business opportunites because of little breaches of etiquitte like this?

Andrew Hill Consulting has extensive experience in working with:


Here is an example outline of my most popular workshop:

Creating Change through Effective Presentations!

We know that effective and powerful communication is critical to our success. A lack of polished speaking skills will handicap even the smartest of us. But such skills can be learned.

This workshop will enable you to gain others’ commitment through authentic and compelling communication. By tapping into your own values and experiences, you will learn to connect your messages with what you deeply believe in and care about.


To provide people with a method, example, and experience so that they can discover and deliver an authentic message that inspires others to committed action toward change.

To enable individuals to inspire, persuade or motivate others in meetings, one-on-one conversations, Speeches, Performance evaluations. Sales/Product presentations

Program Principles

Individual Benefits

Organizational Benefits

Discover how to overcome fear, harness your natural abilities and make a measurable difference in your leadership effectiveness. Come away with greater confidence in your ability to communicate in one-on-one conversations, group meetings and major presentations whether your remarks are impromptu or highly prepared. This improvement will occur no matter what your current level of speaking expertise.


For the past seven years Andrew has lived near the finance capital of Germany.  His clients have included Merk, Proctor and Gamble, Wella, Shenck, Heller Engineering, Caporol, and many others.  His main focus with each of these varied clients is to better understand the cultural values of the organization and country of the business partner.  This basic understanding can lead to positive ventures.  Lack of understanding can be construed as ignorance, arrogance, or even stupidity..and it is rather hard to build a venture on this initial appereance.


Andrew worked at Montana State University as the Coordinator of Adventure Education.   In that role he used ropes course and teambuilding experiences to facilitate group discussion and foster teamwork.  Corporate groups used these experiences to generate metaphors and explore the dynamics of the group.  The use the day's experiences and discussions build on their natural strengths while also exploring their limitations and maximizing growth opportunities.

Andrew has also worked as the Senior Trainer for the U.S. Department of Education funded Higher Education Center for Alcohol and Drug Prevention.  In this role, he worked with over 300 campus and community coalitions in developing, implementing, and evaluating an outcomes-based strategic plan.  The coalitions included campus presidents, city mayors, chief of police, superintendents of schools, members of the clergy, students, athletic directors, and business owners. 

These experiences, his educational background, other work experiences on college campuses and community groups, and life experiences form the foundation of his consultation services tool-box.

Teambuilding, communication, trust, conflict resolution, strategic thinking, and outcome-based planning are the pillars of the training that will be provided.  Of course, play and laughter are essential elements of our time together.  However, it is Andrew's promise that your group will not just laugh and play but, they will grow together, learn about each other's strengths and weaknesses, the style of their management, and will be better able to achieve the goals in which your group is striving to achieve.

Each session that is put together for an organization is tailored to meet the needs of that group.  Depending on your collaboration, this can include a confidential, on-line inventory that could be used as both a prep tool to build the most powerful agenda, as well as a teaching tool to provide an anonymous snapshot of the current environment in which you work.

If you are interested, please use the booking form to inquire.  Andrew is proud to build tailor programs and has a large repertoire of programs to discuss as options for your particular needs.