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Using humor, drama, music, and experiential games to motivate and inspire people
to make healthful life choices and create healthful environments.

"Excellent!!! Andy Hill has proven time & time again that he knows how to conquer the impossible. His ideas & creativity are incredible. If everyone could implement any of his suggestions, college campuses, as far as alcohol & substance abuse prevention, would be a much better place."


Andrew Hill has been the Senior Trainer for the U.S. Department of Education's Higher Education Center for Alcohol, Drug and Violence Prevention for the past two years. 

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He has assisted over 200 campuses in developing outcome-based strategic plans, creating social norming strategies, and developing/sustaining community coalitions.


Basic Services

Basic services are appropriate if you believe your prevention efforts are working well and just would like to have an entertaining and motivational speaker present for your campus or school community.  Andrew Hill Consulting will provide 24 hours worth of programming.  We will work together to develop an appropriate agenda. Basic services can include any of the following:

aa3.gif (1944 bytes)Alcoholiday!
This is the most requested program.  Alcoholiday is a dramatic presentation which has been performed as Keynote presentations, First Year Student Orientation, for groups of Student Athletes and Greek Letter Organizations.   Alcoholiday has also been performed for High school and Junior High School Audiences across the country.  Because of the Popularity of this service, Alcoholiday! has it's own web page.  check it out and see what people have to say about the program!
aa4.gif (1865 bytes)Strategic Planning
Andrew Hill Consulting specializes in assisting community and educational organizations in creating a clear strategic plan to develop, implement, and evaluate prevention programs.  This session is typically a full day session involving various members from your campus and or community.  The results of this session assist your campus in measuring the efficacy of your efforts, securing funds for those efforts, and providing  a road map to prevention efforts for your campus to follow
aa1.gif (2046 bytes)Leadership Education
Another very popular program.  Andrew Hill Consulting can infuse leadership and adventure education in all of the programming efforts.  This model of programming allows groups to explore team dynamics, develops communication, and strengthens the trust which is needed to further the group's goals.  "We can learn more in one day of play, than in a month of talking."

Advanced Services

You would prefer to have your consulting visit add a little feedback to your prevention programming efforts.  This level of service includes the Basic Service and adds a pre-visit on-line environmental assessment of your campus climate.   You will identify key members of your campus and community to visit the this web page and answer a short assessment survey.  During the visit, the sessions will consist of double-loop learning.  Each group will provide feedback on prevention efforts.  Moreover, the visit will include key informant interviews to assess your prevention effort's strengths, threats, and obstacles.  After the visit, a report will be generated and sent to your campus within 2 weeks of the visit.

Complete Services

Includes all the above services plus: an evaluation component will be developed and implemented.  Andrew Hill Consulting will assist your campus in monitoring progress.  Your campus will need to complete on-line process oriented event forms to assist in this level of service.  A follow-up visit to your campus within a year will be necessary to fully evaluate your growth, strengths, limitations, and to strategize activities and components to overcome obstacles.